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Chapkis Dance Programs

We are excited to offer these Programs at Chapkis Dance Studios. If you have any questions in choosing the right class for your kids, contact us today.


Mighty Shorteez

Mighty Shorteez is a great program for your child to get their foot in the door of dance at a young age. This class, run by Shalena Lyn, teaches basic principles such as remaining in lines, formation transitions, picking up simple choreography, and learning how to work together as a team. This is the perfect first step to giving your kids a head start on early training before moving into a competitive team.

(Beginner Level – Ages 9 and Under)



Shorteez is a competitive dance team and training program for beginner/intermediate level dancers who want to take dancing more seriously. This team has won numerous national traditional dance competitions throughout the years.

(Beginner Level – Ages 9 and Under)


Jr. Prophecy

Jr. Prophecy is a competitive dance team and training program for intermediate level dancers. This team has won numerous traditional competitions such as KAR, Starbound, Showstopper, Rainbow, and are usually awarded for their choreography, technique, and creativity. The team has also performed at the NBA Warriors halftime show as well as big corporate and industry events.

(Beginner/Intermediate – Ages 8-15)



ChapKidz is a competitive dance team and training program for intermediate/advanced dancers. This team has won numerous national and international competitions and also has received awards for best choreography. This team has some of the top working dancers in the country, who have appeared on TV, in music videos, commercials, world tours, and movies. ChapKidz members are up-and-coming dance stars who are constantly being challenged to reach new levels while staying true to their craft.

(Intermediate/Advanced 14YO-Adults)



 This team started off performing at local events, then moved on to winning and placing at some of the biggest dance competitions and battles worldwide. Prophecy was a team that has trained and mentored some of the top names in today’s dance community and industry worldwide. Today the team Prophecy has turned into a team of professional dancers who are constantly booking and working in the industry and doing professional jobs such as award shows, music videos, and tours.

(Intermediate/Advanced – 14YO-Adults)